Acres Noosa

Social Media Campaign

Acres Noosa is a lifestyle destination. It’s where you’ll discover a collective of innovative, local businesses that showcase the best of what Noosa has to offer when it comes to health, wellness and living. We were commissioned by the centre’s creative agency – the Ageing Sea – to develop and produce a series of videos for its national social media marketing campaign.


The target for the campaign was local and interstate tourists so our brief was to encapsulate a day trip to Noosa. We worked with the Ageing Sea to create a storyboard and carefully plan the filming, which involved moving between multiple shoot locations around Noosa and the hinterland in one day. We also had to incorporate the businesses from Acres Noosa into the video. This involved liaising closely with them on the day to ensure we were capturing the best of what they had to offer.


The filming was completed in one day – starting with a beautiful sunrise on the beach where we captured yoga and drone shots of the famous headland. It ended on top of Mount Tinbeerwah looking out over Noosa and the hinterland. We created a series of videos with the content we captured and supplied them in multiple formats for the website and to be pushed out as part of the national social media marketing campaign. We are proud of what we were able to achieve for Acres Noosa and the Ageing Sea and feel the videos effectively showcase the businesses and convey the premium Noosa lifestyle.

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