Aginic Employee Testimonial.

Corporate Video

Employee testimonials are often dry and very predictable. When Aginic asked us to create a testimonial to support its recruitment and people-focused initiatives, we took a different approach.


Your typical employee testimonial is a corporate vision statement in disguise. In most cases, the employee’s been chosen because they represent a particular target market, they look good and they hit the right key messaging. In an age where viewers are attuned to marketing spin, this approach is hard to believe and doesn’t hit the mark.


With Aginic, our goal was to create a testimonial that was authentic, but subtly hits those key messages. We chose to present the story of Danielle in three parts – we started with a problem, the obstacle to overcome it and finally the solution. As a result of our pre-production process (which involved a couple of video calls and coffees), we were able to understand Aginic’s core values and identify how they naturally aligned with Danielle’s story. We then looked at ways of telling the story visually so it was consistent with the overall brand. Once everyone was comfortable with the approach, we started filming. The end result is a genuine human-interest story, that highlights Aginic as the solution.

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