Profile Videos

Aginic is a tech start-up at the forefront of the Big Data, Dashboarding, Analytics & Cloud movements. We were commissioned by the marketing team to create a business profile video and four service videos for their website.


Combining technical skills and a desire to help is Aginic’s purpose. They are a team of the brightest data analysts, engineers, delivery coaches, designers, and cloud technicians in Australia. The videos we created had to reflect the company’s youthful and inquisitive personality, but still convey the important work they do.


We started with workshopping ideas and pinpointing key messages. From there we were able to identify the team members to interview and the footage required to tell the story of Aginic. We filmed the content over the course of six months, working closely with the marketing team to capture the right opportunities. This required a lot of flexibility, but it allowed us to better understand the company, its people and their values. The videos we created are now being used on the Aginic website to showcase the company and its services.

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