Canstruct Hospital Containers.

Video News Release

Canstruct International is a leading construction and civil engineering company that specialises in delivering infrastructural projects to remote communities. We were commissioned by Canstruct and its public relations agency, Mercer PR, to create video news content for the unveiling of its new portable negative pressure hospital rooms.


The goal of the campaign was to highlight the innovation and ingenuity of the project. The rooms are converted shipping containers, designed and manufactured in response to the COVID-19 health crisis. Valued at $1.5 million each, they can be rapidly deployed to anywhere in Australia.


We created a 90 second news package and Video News Release for the launch. We worked closely with Canstruct and Mercer PR to develop the key messages, capture footage of the rooms and warehouse, interview key spokespeople and edit the videos. The content was turned around on the same day to ensure it met the tight deadline of news outlets. The story featured in the Courier Mail, Brisbane Times and on 10 News First and 7 Local News in metro and regional Queensland.

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