The Power Station Co.

A Day in the Life of a Barista

The Power Station Co. is a busy Brisbane cafe with an in-demand barista on the tools. We were commissioned to create a business profile video by the owner Danny, but it had to be unique.


The phrase “A Day in the Life” kept cropping up when we spoke to Danny about what he wanted to achieve with the video. The aim was to show there was a lot more to his business than just the cafe. What followed was a few months of good coffee and fun times as we followed Danny around South East Queensland filming him making coffee out the back of his iconic Suzuki Sierra. When we finally got to the edit stage and looked at all the footage “A Day in the Life” summed up the video perfectly. On any given day Danny could have been brewing up a storm on a race track, out bush or back at his cafe.


The response to the video exceeded Danny’s expectations and sparked a debate amongst cyclists about what was the best cafe in Brisbane. In the end, the video showed there’s a lot more to the Power Station Co. than a cafe and proved that “A Day in the Life” of Danny is anything but typical of a barista.

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