Save Aussie Supplements

Public Relations Video

Save Aussie Supplements was a public relations campaign launched to highlight a review of health supplements by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). We were commissioned by Adoni Media to create video content to support the campaign and provide important information to consumers.


Major retailers claimed up to 70,000 sports supplements would have been pulled from shelves and hundreds of jobs lost if proposed changes by the TGA were implemented. The campaign encouraged consumers to take action and send in submissions to curb the proposals. Some included reclassifying health supplements as medicines – a move that would have forced consumers to purchase products offshore.


We worked in close collaboration with Adoni Media to develop the videos that were distributed to news outlets and posted on social media. The first was an informational piece introducing Save Aussie Supplements and its purpose. The 60 second video was designed specifically for Facebook and Instagram as we provided both widescreen and square versions. The second piece of content captured a media call where the key spokespeople spoke to journalists about the effects the changes would have on the industry. We produced a 90 second news-style video and provided a Video News Release for distribution to regional news outlets. All the content had to be filmed and edited on a tight deadline to capitalise on the news cycle.


More than 14,000 people signed up to support the Save Aussie Supplements campaign. It received widespread coverage on television and online. Following the launch, the TGA called for calm and assured manufacturers and distributors that they would be consulted during the review.

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