Sunshine Coast Council

ICF Live Stream

We created the Sunshine Coast’s very own breakfast television show. Over two days we showcased businesses, schools, local organisations and council projects for the Intelligent Community Forum’s virtual tour of the Sunshine Coast. The live stream event – broadcast on Facebook – was part of Council’s submission for the city to be named the 2020 Intelligent Community of the Year.


With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the world to a standstill, 2020 was the year of virtual events. For the second year running, Sunshine Coast had been named a Top7 Intelligent Community by the ICF and therefore shortlisted for the Intelligent Community of the Year award. The high-profile program is incredibly important for Council as it helps to retain and gain new talent, jobs and investment. The Economic Development Branch commissioned us to develop a concept that would allow international ICF judges to tour the region virtually, but also promote the region and all it has to offer.


Our solution was an online show, broadcast from a beachside studio. We used all the same principles as broadcasting a live television show. The ICF judges joined the show by video call and watched as leaders and community members discussed how their projects seized the opportunities presented by the digital age. It was an interactive experience too with judges able to ask questions of each presenter.

We worked closely with Sunshine Coast Council for two months to develop the show. Our scope included scripting and scheduling the rundown, developing graphics, filming and editing video presentations, setting up a studio and organising crew and equipment to broadcast the show to Facebook. It was a momentous and complex undertaking at the height of COVID-19 restrictions.


We are happy to say the live stream presentation went off without a hitch. Over two days we were able to provide a platform for the community to present their ideas and projects to the world in an interactive and safe online environment. Despite our success, Tallin, Estonia was named 2020 Intelligent Community of the Year. What this event proves though is that high-quality live streaming is no longer the domain of the big broadcasters and in a post-COVID-19 world it will become more common place to create and foster connections.

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